‘How to become a Rams fan again’

7 Aug

My first major post for the RamPage can be viewed here. I took a bit of a personal narrative and looked at the St. Louis Rams ’14-’15 roster. I wanted to not only refresh myself on some of the key players for this new generation of Rams but also compare them to the likeness of the Super Bowl champion team from almost 15 years ago. That way, fans who like myself sadly, kind of put the Rams on the back burner can catch up to speed on the blue and gold.

Check out my friends’ and my new St. Louis Rams blog

17 Jul

My friends and I have started a locally-ran, independent St. Louis Rams blog called The St. Louis RamPage. Ran by fans and former journalism students, we want to give our take on the St. Louis Lambs Rams’ season, games, transactions, etc.I have been named a editor by the head editor Travis Zimpfer (@TravisZimpfer). I see this as an opportunity to learn more about football writing and gain more invaluable experience.

We at the RamPage see this not only as an opportunity to sharpen our writing skills but also to vent for and analyze what is sure to be an emotional season as our hometown football team battles in what may be the toughest division in the NFL. Follow on Twitter (@TheRam_Page) or like us on Facebook to keep up to date what a few dudes from St. Louis think about our beloved Rams who hold us over between the end and beginning of Cardinals season.



Mickey Lopez and the kind yet cruel nature of baseball

7 Mar

Many professional athletes come and go with few chances to contribute to their teams. Mickey Lopez of the 2004 Seattle Mariners was one of those. Read my take on careers such as his and similar ones here: http://www.lookoutlanding.com/2014/3/7/5482162/mickey-lopez-and-the-kind-yet-cruel-nature-of-baseball


Mickey Lopez ‘MVP Baseball 2005’

7 Mar

Mickey Lopez 'MVP Baseball 2005'

A photo I took on my decades-old CRT TV of Mickey Lopez from the EA Games title “MVP Baseball 2005.” I posted this because I needed a link for my latest fan post.

Seattle Mariners’ potential remaining spring moves (POLL)

28 Feb

Morpheus chimes in on how the Mariners could approach the next possible setback with my latest post at Lookout Landing here: http://www.lookoutlanding.com/2014/2/28/5457692/seattle-mariners-potential-remaining-spring-moves-poll

Lloyd McClendon’s fundamental focus at Seattle Mariners camp

21 Feb

Here is my latest Lookout Landing post. You can read about my take on Seattle Mariners’ manager Lloyd McClendon’s approach to fundamentals in spring training here: http://www.lookoutlanding.com/2014/2/21/5434338/lloyd-mcclendons-fundamental-focus-at-seattle-mariners-camp

Lookout Landing fan posts page added

18 Feb

I’ve added a page for my (recent) fan blog posts for Lookout Landing, a Seattle Mariners community sponsored by SB Nation.  I will add my newest posts (I shoot for once a week) here as well as tweeting and posting links on my Facebook page. These posts are my own thoughts and research, and I am in no way currently compensated for my posts on this site. Please take a look at a couple of my first posts here: https://timdoty.wordpress.com/lookout-landing-fan-posts/


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